A huge team

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  • 2022-12-04
A huge team

Hundreds of people in a team are an indicator of success and coolness. So it was 20 years ago. Now it's cool to make millions with a primary team of 10 people. This is possible both in IT startups and in more traditional businesses.

Let's analyze how it often looks in an IT startup, and I'll tell you about traditional business another time.

— A CEO who knows how to do everything, maybe two of them, then also a co-CEO.

CTO responsible for the technical part of the product and 3-4 developers under it.

CMO responsible for marketing, and 1-2 people under it.

— Optionally, an advisor with contacts and experience.

— Freelancers are hired for some specific tasks.

— The legal issues are outsourced to a law firm.

— Finance and accounting are automated through fintech and banking solutions.

The star organization is assembled. This is not a panacea, but it can and should be striven for. Today, those who are not afraid and automate most processes win.

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