A partnership is a key to success

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  • 2022-12-04
A partnership is a key to success

There is an opinion that to start, develop and support a business, you need a lot of money — to purchase goods, pay for a server, and hire a developer. But there is another equivalent currency.

A partnership is a contract, usually for future mutual benefit. The partnership is based on your skills and other achievements — you and everything you have besides money.

Personal example

Some time ago, we had an IT forum.

— Agreed with users interested in improving their reputation on free website moderation.

— Agreed with the hosting provider to provide a good server for free for advertising on the website.

— Agreed with other resources on mutual advertising.

As a result, it was an automated and profitable business with minimal annual costs.


Partnerships can be applied in any business, at any stage, and at any level: third-party companies and services, users and customers, and employees.

It's also an excellent way to optimize costs and attract new audiences. Analyze — perhaps what you are paying for now, you can not pay at all by writing one correct letter.


This is a separate topic, but in short, all fears in business should be based on risk assessment, not emotions. It comes with time.

Don't be afraid to write to even larger companies — if you wrote to a person who makes decisions, he probably understands that such proposals can be profitable in the long run.

As a result, you will receive a positive answer, a counteroffer, or a refusal. In case of refusal, if this is the case, ask for a reason. If it's relevant, you can write again in a few months, or they will write to you — at least you let them know about yourself.


Build value around you — improve skills, improve the quality of your product. Strong products with the same founders open any door without money.

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