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  • 2023-07-29
Our business community has different systems that encourage any contribution to development. Today we are excited to introduce a new system that focuses solely on the amount of activity. The system is very simple.

  • Log in daily to get an activity point.

  • Collect a strike of six visits and get an extra point.

  • If you are lucky, you will receive a secret prize on one of the days of the current strike.

  • Additional activity points can be obtained by completing tasks on the home page.

  • To apply the points received in any way, except for daily visits, use the button with the icon.

Collect activity points, get ahead of the rest, and get your place on the leaderboard. Leaderboard is a free and effective way to promote yourself and your services.

Additionally, the 10 most active users will regularly appear in the chat by an automated system message.
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