Balance or extremes?

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  • 2023-04-06
Balance or extremes?

The main difference between a successful entrepreneur is the ability to constantly balance everything, including extremes. From experience, extremes work great in specific tasks. This strategy almost always leads to either huge time savings or innovation.

Working examples

— We cut all possible corners to minimize the cost and increase speed.

— We strive to do (and do) something at an uncompromising level of quality.

The only condition is to clearly understand what you are doing. Or at least understand and accept in which required areas you don't have expertise. Otherwise, there is a chance to do mediocrity for a long time.

In all other respects, it is desirable to balance. For example:

— Family / Work / Rest.
— Profile education / Non-profile education / Practice.
— Health / Business.
— Marketing / Development.
— Optimization of the old / Addition of the new.
— Team / Funding / Product.
— Professionalism / Openness.

This is not about the distribution of attention and resources but about the correct priorities and their frequent revision, depending on the situation. There cannot be single working and unified formula if we are talking about success and high speeds.
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