Breakdown of scary AI

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  • 2023-03-26
Breakdown of scary AI

Humanity has made strong progress in six months. I feel the need to share my opinion regarding artificial intelligence as a person who has already implemented five full-fledged AI features in two projects.

Those who read my previous articles know I am skeptical about trending technologies — usually, they are temporary hypes. For better or worse, AI available to the public is a technological revolution. Similar to the invention of the telephone or the Internet.

Let's close the question from the point of view of the consumer. If we imagine that you have already earned all the money in the world, then for you, as a consumer, this is strictly positive news. Services will be cheaper, better, and faster.

And now, back to Earth. What are we hard workers to do? You must understand what AI can and cannot do to answer this question.

AI can

— Quickly analyze a massive amount of information. If the information is organized well, the same as the request, AI can compare them and return a quality answer.

Without going into details, that's all. The generation of text, code, pictures, videos, and game objects is the result of comparing a large amount of data with a well-written query. Depending on the complexity of the task, this process can be repeated many times.

AI cannot

— Invent something new unless a worthwhile mistake happens and some people notice it. In general, it's almost impossible.

— To be generally smart and specific at the same time. The more intelligent the AI, the dumber it is. If we are talking about text generation, then for AI, there is nothing but a set of letters that people in the past put in a particular order. If there is too little data, then the answer will be bad. If there is too much data, the answer will not be specific.

— Ensure data security. For AI to be secure, it must at least run on a personal server. Unless you are the CEO of Google (contact me), it won't be anytime soon.

— Guarantee the correct answer. At the same time, it can sound very, very convincing. AI bugs can be hard to find.

— Be up to date. We live in a rapidly changing world. New rules, trends, services, technologies, and updates. AI needs time first to receive and then process the data. And even that won't be enough — when one new grain mixes with a massive set of past information, the final answer will be mainly formed from past information.

What to do?

Accept what artificial intelligence can do and use it to your advantage. Find AI to make life easier and learn how to work with it.

Improve your skills in what AI cannot. I described the main points above — you can reveal them to reach specific areas of activity.

Develop your human skills and invest in yourself. This is not the last technological revolution — there will be more, and the further, the faster.
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