Dissatisfied customers

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  • 2022-12-04
Dissatisfied customers

The holiday season has begun — a Christmas atmosphere, increased demand, increased returns, and, as a result, more dissatisfied customers.

Whatever you do, no matter how well you do it, dissatisfied customers are guaranteed to be. When you know how to communicate with them, they become a new tool for increasing conversions.

How to deal with negative public reviews?

1. Don't disclose private information.

2. Respond as quickly as possible.

3. Use the form of writing as in a letter: greeting, content, farewell.

4. In the content of the response, first of all, we make it clear that we know about the client. His claim was read and understood — this is done by mentioning the order number and a short retelling of the review with negative words cut out.

5. If the client is wrong, then without an emotional form, answer based on the facts why his claim is inappropriate. Your task is to make it clear that the client is wrong while not humiliating him and leaving him the opportunity to get out of the situation completely dry.

5. If you screwed up — apologize, say that you know about your mistake, and will make sure that it doesn't happen again. Offer several solutions, and make it clear that the client is your priority. Optionally, offer additional value in the form of compensation. Finally, leave contacts to discuss the details. Close the answer with another apology.

What's the bottom line?

In any business related to sales, there is such a thing as contact channels with the client. These are all touches of a person with you before and after the purchase. We are interested in what happens before the purchase — specifically, the part where future customers read reviews about you.

If you don't work with negative reviews, the one who might have bought will not. And vice versa, it can drastically increase your sales conversions.

Positive reviews

They may not be answered. I will not say for sure, but perhaps the effect of this is more negative than positive.

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