How not to attract starting capital?

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  • 2022-12-04
How not to attract starting capital?

You are determined to start your own business. You have a brilliant idea, a plan, and other necessary components. Now you need starting capital.

In microfinance organizations

I don't recommend this method because, with a 100% probability, your first business will not go according to plan. With huge interest rates and most likely without your ability to count money and plan expenses, you will bury yourself.

In banks

The same as the first point, only you will bury yourself more slowly and painfully.

In funds

You can try, but almost certainly, no decent fund will invest in the idea — don't waste your time.

From private investors

This point is relevant only if you don't know warm investors already. People with good intentions who don't know you will not give their money to your brilliant idea.
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