Opportunities to be rejected

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  • 2022-12-04
Opportunities to be rejected

Today we are analyzing the problem that most first-time founders go through.

At the global level

The launches of different businesses usually don't differ much in their essence — these are processes that primarily require existing experience.

When you see an opportunity and understand how to realize it, it's hard to resist. Then, instead of focusing on one direction, the person begins to disperse. As a result: life experience and several years of slow growth.

Yes, you can start multiple businesses, but only when you have more than five years of experience. Who said? Well, for example, me. An important clarification. We are not talking about changing the type of activity but about when there is a desire to grab even more through the launch of a new direction.

At the local level

This is when you try to implement absolutely everything inside one project.

Your new idea fits the theme, and you know how to implement it. So why not do it? You can, but make sure that you stay within the current concept.

For example, our Webline — business, similar to Shopify. The essence of the project is to provide all possible ways to sell online. When discussing the concept, the idea arose to add a regular website builder based on the store builder. In fact, both are websites.

The idea was abandoned — it's difficult to promote complex concepts, as well as compete with everyone at the same time.

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