Registration of a company in the USA

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  • 2022-12-04
Registration of a company in the USA

You will not find step-by-step instructions here, but you will get a general understanding.

In which state do we open a company?

If it's an online business, Delaware is one of the best states to do business due to its simple rules, low taxes, and commissions. With the right organization, you can work and earn income outside the state.

What type of company are we registering?

You will usually have an LLC and a C-Corp to choose from. LLC is cheaper than C-Corp in every aspect. If you plan to attract investments, choose C-Corp.

Where do we start?

Some services have long polished all the processes associated with opening and running a company in the USA:

You can find a lot of helpful information on the topic at the links above, and I recommend doing this.

Who do we need?

Find a lawyer to advise you and personalize your organization. In the future, this person will check your contracts and try to ensure you are not legally squeezed out of your life's work. Look for trusted people and don't save on it.


— The company can be registered both on the spot and remotely.

— To open a company, you don't need a visa or citizenship. Check with a lawyer.

— You must pay for registration, maintenance (even when idle), and company liquidation.
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