Speed and organization

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  • 2023-02-19
Speed and organization

In past articles, I have written about the importance of balancing. Today we will discuss an equally important component of any business.

When we talk about speed, most understand it as the speed of work. And only some people think about the speed of adaptability. A mistake that can lead to costly or fatal consequences for your business.

Yes, you need to work fast and constantly increase the speed — this is a race in which you either overtake or someone overtakes you. But remember to invest in the organization.

If you do not control what technologies your business uses, you do not have standardization, and in general, everything works somehow and somewhere, then:

— Mess creates a mess. The further you go, the harder it is to eliminate it.

— You become slower and less adaptive.

— You become obsolete while fresh solutions appear on the market.

— Security issues, the difficulty in finding and solving them.

If you have even thought about it, you are likely using services for the organization.

The problem of Notion and the like

Remember, the organizer or planner you want is where you can only create lists and write text — no emoticons, pages, covers, backgrounds, diagrams, and other things.

All additional features are pure evil. If a planner makes you think about something other than the tasks themselves — it's a bad planner.

Criticize — suggest. Link: workflowy.com


Speed is important. For speed over a long distance, there must be good adaptability, which requires perfect organization. And yet, before you start to put things in order somewhere, ensure there is order in your head.

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