Big money too early is bad

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  • 2022-12-22
Big money too early is bad

From the age of 16 (not that long ago), my monthly income was 3K+ USD. These were good online projects that people liked — not crypto, drugs, scams. Everything worked without my participation — it was a completely passive income.

It's not much, but when you're 16 and get that kind of money, even when you're not doing anything, it's enough to feel good.

At 19, I decided to adjust the type of activity by shifting the focus to the global level, so the next year all projects were closed, and we started working on new ones.


At this age, it's easy to go somewhere else in terms of destructive rest. You can relax too much and stay at the same level for a long time.

But let's suppose your self-control, like mine, is fine, and you clearly understand your goals. These goals require more money, and you successfully increase your income. In this case, a funny thing can happen — you can break away from reality too much by skipping the fundamental steps.

Some of them are: responsibility, the ability to adequately assess risks, management skills, the ability to count money, misconceptions about how processes work, and even mental growth. I assume you know what happens to most lottery winners. It's similar.

If a person flies through the basics, in few years, when the risks are already high, after a series of wrong decisions, the whole system and the picture of the world may collapse.


I can't say for sure, friends — it touched me superficially. Probably you should find those who will bring you down to earth, perhaps some serious mentor.

You can quickly go through all the steps but don't try to skip them. Playing long is a winning strategy. It does not mean anything if someone is richer than you now, because the cards can turn over at any moment.

I believe the most important thing in a successful founder is the ability to constantly balance.
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