Money that disappears

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  • 2022-12-04
Money that disappears

Any large bank transfer is accompanied by a feeling of whether the money will reach the addressee. Now I will tell you what will happen if you make a mistake when making a transfer.

For ordinary people, not bankers like me, a bank transfer can seem like a black hole with unknown processes. So it is, but we will not go into details.

Money has not been secured by gold for a long time, and money in the bank is not 100% secured even by paper money. Any bank transfer is an exchange of messages between banks. One bank takes away the numbers, and the other bank adds — they don't carry papers to each other.

Creating a bank is quite complex — in any normal country, there are many rules and regulations. The bank, whether it likes it or not, is responsible for the money that comes into it. That is why your hard-earned money can't simply disappear, even if you made a mistake in the transfer.

When transferring within one country, money will pass through several hands, with an international transfer — through several dozen. In any case, if an error occurs at some point, the amount minus all commissions on the same chain will be returned.

Money can disappear only if, for example, they are burned. In other cases, they will pass to someone else. The only question is how this someone is regulated by law.
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