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  • 2022-12-04
Google for business

Google is a powerful tool that underpins many businesses. Now I will try to give an understanding of its most essential services.

Google Analytics

Analytics service. It should be linked to almost all subsequent services, so it's configured first. Track everything you can — the more information Google has, the better for business.

Google Search Console

Analytics and website optimization in search results is a way to help Google show you to other people faster and more often.

Google Business Profile

Responsible for displaying your business on Google Maps and in the section on the right side of the search results page. If you have an office or a place customers can visit, this service must be configured first.

Google Merchant Center

It's required if you sell physical or digital goods but not wholesale. The service is tightly connected with Google Ads and is responsible for the standardized storage of up-to-date information about your store and products. The data standard is called Product Feed. Most aggregators and marketplaces work with this standard.

Google Ads

Advertising on the Google network — is the main service for which you need to set up all the previous ones. Work only in expert mode — don't use the initial Smart Campaign with a simplified design and functionality. Before launching any ad, learn and set up tracking of various conversions — otherwise, it's just burning money.

General recommendations

— Set up, connect, activate, and verify everything possible. Without a legal entity, there is not much point in doing anything.

— Don't tune anything you're not sure about. Some options can override anything you've set up so far.

— You can turn to experts, but you should not save on this — there is a big chance of getting stuck in growth. The main thing to remember is that a high price does not always guarantee quality.
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