How challenging is it to run your own business? #1

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  • 2023-12-31
How challenging is it to run your own business?

Firstly, I want to clarify that this article is based on one of the stories from our ScripTop Inc. projects and my own experience.


Business never sleeps. It's 11:00 a.m. on a Sunday, and I'm writing this post on the DAMN, BUSINESS IS TOUGH forum. Most people plan to sleep in on Sundays, but this week, tasks need to be completed. Before I can relax today, I need to wrap them up. There are tasks that I consider more important than sleep.

Your business is always active, ALWAYS, and never takes breaks. You need to adjust your schedule according to your business's timeline. Nine or twelve hours at a factory will seem like paradise. You'll be spending all your time just on it.

Now you are your business, and working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a necessity.

No vacations and holidays

When I worked in America, going on vacation was impossible. While you're away, your shadow clone did nothing. You come back to all the tasks that your clone didn't tackle.

Now that I have a business, situations like these will occur more frequently.

Lack of income

I start a business — money starts coming in. And you can already imagine signing a contract with the CEO of Coca-Cola. It sounds beautiful, of course. There are indeed startups that skyrocket and bring in billions from the get-go. It happens, but not for everyone.

During the early days of my first business, my business partner and I barely made ends meet. We worked in a garage, ate instant noodles, and lived like students (considering I have three kids). Any small income went back into the business, ensuring its growth. If you're lucky, your mortgage will be paid, food purchased, utilities and internet bills covered—great, there's money left to invest in advertising. I consulted with other business owners worldwide who sold their homes and lived with their parents to save money. And in the end, this saving paid off.

If you think starting your own business immediately brings in millions, it's nonsense, and you're probably starting your business for the wrong reason. Profit is a long-term goal, but when it comes, it can be massive and justify all the hard work.

You need to live as most don't want to, live as most can't.

Starting a new business

This is one of the things I fear to this day. I didn't study to be a salesman; I just know how to do it, theoretically, these are excellent skills. I had to learn to establish connections and algorithms. I've learned a lot, but it annoys me more than public speaking.

When you start something from scratch, you never know what lies ahead. This is one reason why we write articles on BSS. I hope that by reading our articles, you'll see that we are experts in e-commerce, and when your company needs help creating your online business, we're the first ones you'll turn to.

Find creative ways to start a new business, step out of your comfort zone, and do what you couldn't do before.

Be prepared to be a jack of all trades

Are you ready to wear a clown suit? If yes, be prepared to wear the costumes of the entire circus. At the beginning of the business, you do everything. You're an accountant, a salesperson, a janitor, a cook, an event organizer — anything and everything that's needed at the right moment.

After the office closed, no cleaner came to throw out the trash and tidy up the bathroom. No one will do all the dirty work for you at the beginning. Only you.

If you can do something yourself — do it yourself.
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