Home business, spending 350 dollars?

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  • 2023-12-31
In recent years, inflation has impacted all sectors: food, housing, healthcare, transportation, and education, among others. People with fixed incomes feel that their earnings are insufficient for starting any business, yet living without work seems like a luxury. Considering this scenario, it's best to start a small, micro, or medium-sized business.

What is needed?

Starting your own business sounds promising, but you will need:

  • Adequate skills in a specific field.
  • A strong interest in improving your product or service.
  • Sufficient funding to launch the business.
  • Determination to overcome all difficulties until the business starts paying dividends.
  • Adequate funding from savings, family and friends, crowdfunding, venture capital, or bank loans.
  • Proper licensing from government authorities to ensure the legitimacy of your enterprise.

If you don't have at least 2 paragraph, I would think about it if I were you.

Home-based online business

This is one of the easiest businesses you can start. There are numerous options, and almost all business ideas can be implemented without any investment.

The only thing you need to start such a business is education. We have a blog at https://t.me/BSSvcEN where you can learn.


Create content for various publications on sites like Upwork, Elance. There are companies looking for content writers. You can take on a project, complete it on time, and deliver.

There is also the option to delegate data entry work to others. However, some projects may be available only to a company willing to assign the task to you exclusively.

Web design and programming

Web design and programming make for an excellent IT business. It can be organized from scratch with a minimum investment of 350 dollars. You'll need to learn various programming languages and web design. By creating quality websites for your clients, your company might become the next Microsoft.

SEO services

Projects related to SEO are in high demand, especially for websites and blogs. In this field, you can easily earn from 350 to 1000 dollars per month for providing SEO services.

Working in an SEO company can provide valuable experience, especially before starting your own business.

Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart Seller

Millions of people across Russia earn significant profits by selling various products on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, etc. Simply find a good product on the market, such as asanethegoodd, or any item you can buy cheaply and sell with a good markup.

It's straightforward, but understanding the system requires education and time. Start with minimal investments, around 100 dollars.


Earn millions by simply posting videos on YouTube. Not only money, but you can also convert YouTube views into customers.

To start this business, follow these 4 steps:

  • Register and set up a channel on YouTube.
  • Create unique content.
  • Join the YouTube Partner Program and start earning.
  • Analyze your content and its performance.

In reality, I've described everything simply, but there are many nuances in this business.

I tried to give you some simple ideas, this is the backbone on which you can build and come up with your own ideas and discuss this issue.
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